Cameron Ghalambor

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Evolutionary Ecology BZ526

    A graduate course focused on questions at the interface of ecology and evolution.  This course generally considers questions related to how organisms have evolved and adapted to their abiotic and biotic environments and how current ecological processes interact with evolutionary history. Answering these questions requires a merging of both evolutionary and ecological theory and an understanding of how population and quantitative genetics, population ecology and life histories, phenotypic plasticity, and species interactions collectively influence adaptive variation among individuals, populations, and species in natural populations.

Principles of Animal Biology BZ110

    An introductory course in Zoology that covers foundational topics in genetics, development, systematics, ecology, and evolution.

Ornithology BZ335

    An upper division undergraduate course that explores the biology of birds. This course covers the evolution of birds, their physiology, reproductive strategies, flight abilities, life histories, parental care strategies, ecology, and conservation.


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